Live Review | Carla Dal Forno & Gross Net 4/2/17

June 3, 2017

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Draped in the corner of The Islington‘s intimate band room, red velvet curtains climbed the backing wall of the stage, onto the one defining pole and over the equipment tables. Dim lights and the sounds of edgy yet atmospherical post new-wave filled the room. A vibrant atmosphere to behold as punters trickled in for Carla Dal Forno‘s headline London show.

As chatter moulded in with the background music, Belfast’s own Phillip Quinn took the stage. Performing under the alias Gross Net, Quinn drew the attention of the full band room his way. Unearthing quaint and emotive sounds, with a strong undertone of post new-wave. His set worked with vocals and an array of volatile electronics, creating a set that peaked in its concluding moments.

Gradually spilling back into the band room after a brief intermission between acts, Melbourne-raised, Berlin-based Carla Dal Forno took the stage with her bandmate.

Sensitising ocean recordings filled the at capacity band room, as Carla built a distorted and estranged atmosphere. Her set was a mix made up of old and new material, including an unreleased track ‘Kiwi Animal‘, the dark ‘Fast Moving Cars‘ and the popular ‘What You Gonna Do Now‘. Every intricate sound was uniquely recreated and arranged, allowing Carla’s vocals to admirably bellow throughout small band room.

As the set progressed, Carla’s awareness of the present crowd brought her comfort. Channelling each eye that silently gazed on her every move, she engaged everyone through her soft, dark and subtle instrumentals and vocals. Everyone was left feeling a sense of emotional connection after each track.

It was incredible to see the impression Carla had left as her set concluded and everyone made their way out. A small, dense wave of smiling, thoughtful and relaxed faces exited, leaving behind them a warm atmosphere in the empty, brightly lit room.